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released January 22, 2015





all rights reserved


FOLEY! Melbourne, Australia


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Track Name: Thats What She Said
She said I’m trying for Pete’s sake
I said well how long will it take
To get through to you
To get over you
She said you give a little and you take a little
But you give a little and you take everything
You take over me
You take all of me
Track Name: Red Symons
My nose and throat feel like they are filled with sand
That means it’s about the end of September again
And there are Aussie bands overseas and the football is finished
So there is nothing to watch on the weekends
And my weeks end with getting drunk off thirty bucks
Sitting at home out the front smoking darts
Watching the old blokes drive home after they’ve had too much
You can tell by the way they stumble through the car park
(selfish cunts)

And in my apocalyptic nightmare Red Symons was there
He said ‘When you make it to the afterlife don’t ever feel scared
All the questions that you have you’ll find all your answers’
And I thought what the fuck are you doing here?!
And at the engagement again Nan made it up the stairs
She said ‘Thanks for the chance for me to do this again’
And on the walk home the ocean filled up to our necks
All I could do was reach out and grab for your hands

And sometimes you say my hair’s dead and I need a haircut
Sometimes you say what I say isn’t enough
Sometimes it feels like I could die
With the lump in my throat that won’t ever subside
Every time I lay awake and listen to you cry

I’m just the piece of shit you happened to step in
So go on and on and make me feel like it
The Preston Car Thief has struck again
I still haven’t read the book your Dad gave me
And I try and try to meet all her desires
Cause she wants me to be tender, but I always offend her
And if I were you and you were me
You’d understand that I’m trying so fucking hard..

When it gets tough
Let’s go out and have fun
Spend the money we don’t have
Smoke what Mum calls green stuff
Go out, get home, fall asleep and wake up
And remember that we’re young and dumb
Track Name: The One Who Won
And I’m floating in your winds again
And I know that you will win
Cause you always do and you always will
Cause you’re a winner, and I’m a loser
And you’re right yeah I’m pissed off
Cause the things we planned weren’t ever done
And everyone knows the story so well
I’m the one who lost, and you’re the one who won
Track Name: Feeding Egos
I’ve been writing all these songs and they all sound the fucking same
All about the shit we did and didn’t do
And I know you’ll never hear them but maybe your friends will
And they’ll ask you ‘What the fuck’d you go and do?!’

And I know the English man told you to fuck off home
But it doesn’t mean you had to do the same to me
And I know now you’re the problem you’re why I grind my teeth
So from you I don’t want to know or hear a thing

And you have your friends and yeah I have mine
So why should we even bother try?
And I’ve been moving on but I left some shit at your place
You can keep it all or sell it if you like

And I should really be the man but it turns out I’m the mouse
So I’ll seek refuge in the walls of my house
And I’ll be eating slabs of cheese, dying young from heart disease
But at least you won’t make a fool out of me

And I know that times are hard and yeah your Dad is really sick
So I’ll stay out of your way cause I make things so complicated
And I hope you’re keeping warm cause the last time I saw you, you seemed so cold
And in your bed there are shadows and they crawl across your room
And they’ll swallow you and there is nothing you can do
Track Name: Friends Who Are Lesbian
I love sleeping in bed with my friends who are lesbian
It’s no big deal that neither of us are interested
Cause we’re both so fucking yuck and filled with germs
And I know you’re yuck and I know you’re gross
But you’ve got the germs that I want the most
And I’d swap yours for mine over any weekend
But instead of using hands let’s use our mouths
And get really sick together and just lay around the house
And to make things fair I will hold your hair
While you’re vomiting in the toilet
To make yourself feel better
Track Name: Location, Location, Location
It was my little sister’s birthday and I had beer and you had shots
You were really really drunk, I had one and you had a whole fucking lot
It was the first time in ages where you were more drunk than me
It was the first time in ages I was really really sorry
About my absent sense of mind when I assume that you’re alright
But you’re not

We drove out to the park half an hour just before your birthday
And we sat on the highest hill and looked over the shadows of East Brunswick
We made out on a rug that my work had gave to me
You said it’d been the bet one yet and you’d never been so happy
I knew that we’d be alright and I knew that we could make it
With an ability to bounce back that we never ever fake

I hope you don’t mind me asking
But would you want to live with me?

On that magic night in Thailand when Ronnie got engaged to Laura
I was so so stoked cause you know I really really really adore her
And it was such a warm feeling to have you meet my family
And they all spoke little English but it wasn’t hard to see
They all knew you were as special as you are to me
Track Name: Social Networks
And I tried to tell you that that person wasn’t me
You agreed but we couldn’t entail what it all could mean
And a rose grew in our garden, shaded in purple and green
And it was warm when we felt it brush so softly against our cheeks

And those lights they will pass us as we slumber in our sleep
And the oil from our skin seeps through, the cotton of our bed sheets
And it warms us to our bones that break that we replaced with wired machines
Only to find when we wake up we’re still haunted in that dream

And you throw your sticks and stones
Just in that hope you’ll be alone
And try hard not to be ashamed
When they take the best part of you away

And I go to shows alone
Talk to those people that I don’t know
Keep the conversation light hearted
Yeah, cause no one ever wants to know
And if I’m tired and I’m bored
I will keep on keeping on
Cause if I give up, then you give up
If I don’t wake up, you won’t wake up

And we go home and we check out social networks
Track Name: You Sunk My Battleship
I heard you found a home that’s right close to my home
And I wondered if its location would suit you
And I heard it from a friend that I spend most my weekdays with
Right before I go to work to get distracted

And I wondered if this is where the ending begins
The part where the only time we speak is in the memories I repeat
And the only time I see you is in the street

I’ve been planning tons of shows with all my favourite friends
Just in the hope that maybe you will go
But I know that you won’t cause I know that you know
That I will do or say something really stupid and boring

Like I still have the greens that your sister picked for me
They’re sitting in my kitchen on my table
And I still think of your niece and the words she had with me
She told me to keep my filthy shoes off the bed sheets
And I did it just for her

And I really really miss it
And I really really miss you
And I really really wish it
Didn’t all turn to shit
But we’re so deep in it
And so the ship succumbs and sinks
Track Name: Ascot Vale
She said the next time she fucked someone it’d be filled with love and passion
I didn’t say anything but I thought inside I’d lay with anyone if by chance it happened
To get me on my feet or get me out of this room
Cause all I do is lie awake or sit outside and write these silly songs about you

The bed bugs they bite, suck my blood all through the night
And that paranoia sets in, and I look like a fucking ice addict
You come home to no one and when you do you have to show them
How you’re so fucking deep with all your metaphoric-fucking-bullshit
And I am the one you said you’d always keep
And I am the one you said you’d never leave

Yes you did
You said the next time you fucked someone it’d be filled with love and passion
And I said I’d never drink again, but that’s my vice that I can’t help
The anxiety in my stomach couldn’t be any more crushing
I’m singing not for you but just for me

What a waste of time, what a waste of wine
What a waste of a drive seeing you that night
And everything I say is not a lie
But man, I should of known better to trust you
Cold nights and cool tattoos
Those arduous stories about being overseas
And the cold chills that I felt in the breeze
And the hesitations I should of trusted

But it’s done now, it’s all left behind
But man, I should of known better
You have yours and I’ll have mine
Just leave it alone and don’t call me
Track Name: Partners In Crime
You said that you would never ever leave
You said you’d understand after everything you’d seen
And been through it’d only ever take some time
I can help you, no really I can help you
And I was playing the fool, taking a knee
Light hearted proposals on Lygon Street
You should have said no to let me know
This type of thing wasn’t really yours

You’re so much older than I know
You’re growing colder and it shows

And it’s no one’s fault that I couldn’t hold mine
Even though that I knew most of the time
That we were the blind, leading the blind
And it all went in the blink of an..
I know that you can still hear me
And I know that none of this is healthy
And If you keep closing your doors you’ll be locked in your room
And when you’re there, no one will hear you

It’s getting colder outside
The winter’s breathing in your room
And I’m getting so much better
Ever since I stopped talking to you
And we had plans yeah ‘partners in crime’
Sketches, note books and portraits
And photographs that somehow portray me
Of that person you created in your mind
Track Name: Tea and Toast
The water flows slow
She sits in her room and has tea and toast
And hosts her ears to the bands she loves the most
And I sit in my room cause I’ve got time to waste
And disintegrate to Disintegration
God only knows why I even stay here

And she’s so nice and I’m so mean
I’m ‘covered in dirt’ but man she’s so clean
God only knows why she’d want to stay here

And yesterday I saw a dead mouse outside your house
And a pot plant was slanted so I tried to fix it
But it was fixed yeah well
It was fixed and fine already

And I heard that it’s better to
Die on your feet than live on your knees
Peter Garrett said that and now he’s a fucking fat cat
And I don’t know who I should believe
And I’m feeling older it’s like I’m not that same
When I fuck myself on Friday I feel it to Monday
And I feel like I’m great at saying all the wrong things

And I had 6 years to figure this out
But all my plans they just seem to go south
So I’ve rented a house with my best friends
And we smoke weed and watch documentaries